Drop Box Links

Link to miscellaneous documents from all over the place:  www.dropbox.com/sh/mxw7vro9wq6vi0t/AADqzqI14SVPFjShx0q6S-tTa?dl=0

Link to court recordings, I’ve recently added the second preliminary hearing wherein the judge decided I didn’t need a subpoena witness, and I didn’t have any need for copies of the official records.  He then has the audicity to ask me if I’ll be ready for the jury’s trial…:  www.dropbox.com/sh/uqkw3pu5suc4h6f/AADKHpGL2envPSzYHvx3NGsUa?dl=0.  My response to his last question is funny.

Link to public notices previously listed here:  www.dropbox.com/sh/y6ffwxd4vmu38mn/AACQNXQrw1FF0_4IK4z7aUOQa?dl=0

Link to a buttload of dictionaries:  johnwademoore.net/truth/other-law-books-references

Something you-all need to realize; you’re the power that colors the various States of Confusion with their corporate power.  We don’t permanently give it away, it’s held in trust for our benefit.  If our “commander-n-chief” can drone bomb Americans without providing him a ‘right to be heard’, doing this over foreign countries’ sovereign air space; we must have vested him with that power, otherwise how does it manifest?  From Obama’s breakfast fart perhaps…?

‘I’ve just formulated a new plan, Micheal; we’re going to change the world as soon as I’ve had my royal movement after breakfast’

Maybe he’s not ‘our’ commander-n-chief…  Consequental to that power, we’ve eliminated our neighbors’ similar power haven’t we?  How can we violate their space and still perpetuate our right, what about theirs?  How come we’re the ones fighting in various countries?  How many countries has Iran invaded in the last 100 years?  How many have ‘we’ invaded in the last 10?  What is in all these various ‘treaties’ that ‘countries’ make?  You know they’re just contracts between persons representing people right!?  Where’s the power?

You people feel entitled to live a life that you’ve got no real knowledge of the systems surrounding your use of that life.  You spend your days & nights stressed out because some inane State’s executive agency is perpetuating criminal charges against you for not signing up with it and providing it with some(one)thing else’s private property (federal reserve note-debt instrument) under the guise of money.  Show me the authority; show me how & why I vested you, public servant, with the authority to contradict my values…!  They never will, they don’t have it.  You can’t drone bomb someone, can you? how can your government vested with your (lack of) power then do it?

Do any of you brillant people out there still believe we’re the only ones in this universe?  Why?  Because you’ve been PROGRAMMED to think that way.  It is these errors of reason that cause you to be or get confused by what persons who argue for a living tell you to do.  You don’t know what you don’t know, so why limit yourself by considering the norm without critical analysis?  Did it ever occur to you that you’re being used, being fed off of?  Do you brillant people really know the nature of your spirit’s energy?  I don’t, but I know it is eternal, I know it is me-mine, I know that I can’t order another spirit around without subjecting myself to the same…  Everything is energy in one form or another.  The solid things around us aren’t as solid as they are empty space, and the only reason we see them at all is because its energy is low enough to reflect other energy (photons) that our extremely limited eyes pick up.


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